During the current Covid-19 crisis we are restricted in the treatments we can offer and are having to particularly limit any ‘Aerosol Generating Procedures’ (AGPs).

We now have to follow new safety guidelines, observing detailed infection control practices, including the use of a higher level of mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE).

Therefore until further notice, all our fees for treatment will be based on an hourly rate rather than than a published price list.

The actual fee you will pay is based on an hourly rate of £300ph. Your fee has to include the extra time cost now required to ‘deep clean’ the surgery after your procedure.

So for example, the cost of having a tooth extracted will be in the region of £150 – £200 on average.

There is a minimum charge of £80 per appointment.

We will be keeping this policy under review and hope to return to an itemised price list as soon as possible.